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Focus Hangzhou Connecting with the sky

Overlooking the river and connecting with the sky, Focus Hangzhou is a 673 m2 apartment embraces an unparalleled setting. With the spirit of the era, it ambitiously defines the skyline of the city, and forms a new iconic landmark building cluster on the bank of Qiantang River together with the Hangzhou Arch among the seven "Big Dipper" towers.


The floor-to-ceiling glazing brings in 270-degree clear views of the outdoor landscape, unfolding gradually like a scroll painting. The designers of CCD / Cheng Chung Design (HK) knows profoundly the role of the "window", which offers a glimpse of the city's evolving culture and meanwhile unveils the spiritual codes in the architecture.


The designers emphasize a sense of architecture in the interior space through the structural blocks, the streamlined window frames, and the progressive, orderly circulation route.
The living room area is open and expansive, complemented by interweaving light and shadows from outdoors and indoors, irregularly formed sofas and floor lamp, with the semi-circular lines shaping a magnificent scale.


In the simple and elegant setting, a block with rounded edges is specially added to the dining area. With ripple pattern and a hollow-out opening, this structural block allows for a glimpse of the buildings on the riverbank under different light conditions. Like a frame, it captures the cityscape.


Photo: Wang Ting


Floor A, Hall 16, Area C, Canton Fair Complex, 980 Xingang Dong Road, Guangzhou


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